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Saturday, July 21st 2012

8:17 AM

Funny preteen models


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Subject: Curosity Isn't Bad
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 07:46:41 GMT"What's it like?"
The voice slid through the darnkess as they began to give up the worries of
the day for the dreams that lay ahead.
It wasn't the first time they lay in the darkness talking before going to
sleep. They had been doing it for years. When their parents argued, when
school tests loomed over them, when bad baseball games seemed disasterous and
when Mark told his brother he was gay.
There was something peaceful, calming, liberating and satisfying..almost like
a Catholic confessional or a prayer to god.
"What?" Mark asked his brothers question.
"You know, having sex with guys".
It had been four years since Mark stammered his confession to Bobby. And four
years since he heard Bobby respond "I know".
The feeling of relief he experienced that night was so dramatic, he felt it
still inside him. Mark felt the love for Bobby rush through his entire body
They preteen underware had always been close along with the usual fights, arguments and
jealousies that all siblings experience to some degree. Maybe it was their
parents fighting that kept them close, or the eventful day when their father
was no longer living there.
Regardless of the reason, they learned early that they could count on each
"I don't know..it's probably like you and Sally."
Sally was Bobby's current girlfriend. He had many in the past. His good looks
and boyish smile that ended in dimples seemed to keep him surrounded by girls
throughout high school.
"It can't be..I mean guys don't have vaginas"
"Really, I didn't preteen masterbation video
The pillow hit him smack in the face despite the darkness. Mark threw it back.
"Hey does, Sally give you head?"
Bobby didn't respond for awhile.
"Sorry" Mark apologized, but preteen cum lovers
his mind had an image of his naked brother being
sucked off by Sally, the quinessential cheerleader.
"Yeah" Bobby said.
"Bet it's not like a guy though. Only guys know what guys feel...I mean really
feel" Mark said as he remembered being caught getting sucked by preteen girls natuist one of Mark's
friends years ago.
It was in their bedroom and Arthur teens y preteens had come over to wait for Bobby. Mark was
in his jockeys and doing pushups when Arthur came in.
"Nice ass" he said and Mark mooned him.
But when he tried to pull his jockeys back up, Arthur grabbed them and a
wrestling match began. Before long, the jockeys were a torn up pile of cloth
on the floor and Mark's erection was noticably waving in Arthur's face.
Mark couldn't believe the pleasure he felt as Arthur began to suck on it.
By that time, Mark knew he liked guys, masturbating every chance he got
thinking of image toys for preteens
he had seen in sex magazines..men sucking cock, men fucking
ass, men kissing and so on.
Bobby came in and stood disbelieveing as he saw one of his friends sucking his
"What the fuck are you doing to my bro?" He yelled at Mark.
Mark scared him when he yelled at Bobby to "get out".
It was that night, in bed that they didn't speak for a long time. Finally,
Mark apologized to Bobby admitting he thought he was gay..and added, he knew
he was gay.
"Just don't have sex with all my friends" Bobby said throwing a pillow for
puntuation and to say "it was ok".
"I don't know" Bobby said "Sally seems to know what a guy likes".
"She should, she's done the entire football team in high school" Mark said. swimsuit preteen nonnude He
didn't really like Sally. She was superficial, and rude to him besides.
"Sorry, I didn't mean....." he added.
"I know. She was a bit slutty in high school. But we're all in college now and
she's gotten serious" Bobby said
It was true. Sally had changed in college. Her devotion to economics had
turned her into some kind of over achiever. And that had an effect on Bobby
In high school, he was an average student and kind of a jock. But in college
he too had gotten serious about classes and was really into computer sciences.
Mark, who was an A student in high school, startled everyone by getting
interested in writing. His preteen blonde bikini grades were still good, but the subject of his
writing was often considered etherial if not odd.
"Do you like Arthur still?" Mark decided it was time to bring up the subject
Bobby didn't answer. He seemed to blame his former friend on Mark's being
"It's not his fault you know" Mark added, knowing his brothers viewpoint.
Bobby didn't answer.
"Bud, you still awake?"
"I said ... about Arthur...."
"Ok ok, I know. But I just can't get past his being gay too. I mean he and I
used to wrestle naked at the YMCA pool."
"Dont' worry, you're not gay" Mark reassured his brother.
"What does it feel like?" Bobby returned to his original question.
"Good" Mark said and sighed. It was a question he had heard from his friends
and even his father.
"Dad, that's not the kind of question a fathers asks" he preteen girls torrents had said while
blushing bright red one night.
Bobby and he spent a weekend every month with their Dad since the divorce. No
matter what was going on in their school or private lives, their Mom made sure
they spent time with him.
He was tall, hairy, worked a lot and yet loved his boys. The three did the
usual things together, amusement parks, bowling and camping too.
The man would appear at swimming meets, parents teacher meetings, preteen cartoons nude
league games, birthday parties..there was no doubt in Bobby or Mark's minds
that their Dad loved them despite the divorce.
"Maybe you should have Arthur show you" Mark suggested.
Bobby was silent.
"Or Ken, Jason or even Rick"
"Rick? You've had sex with Rick?"
Mark delighted in telling Bobby all the guys he had had sex with. They were
usually jocks and guys that Bobby never knew were into male sex.
"Hell, every guy likes a good blow job" Mark admitted his own desire.
"You gave Rick a blowjob?"
The night lure of escape called sleep let the conversation end that way."Hey buddy" Mark said to Rick the following weekend "Will you do a favor for
"If you'll do one of your special favors for me" Rick smiled shoving Mark as
they walked down the hall on the way to class.
Bobby stood surprised as he opened the door. There stood Rick in his usual
tank top and jeans.
"Whas up?" Rick asked in his usual jock like nude europe preteen lingo.
They had continued to be friends so it was no surprise that Rick was there.
But the fact that he had been on Bobby's mind lately startled him.
"Can I come in or ...."
They bounded up the stairs as they had done for years. Rick immediately
grabbed some dumbbells and started to do some curls bailey preteen model while they talked about
the coach, Sally, classes and other stuff.
"Hey how is Mark doing?" Rick asked.
Bobby knew that was a dumb question since they all angels preteen galery
went to the same junior
college. Mark had classes with Rick, so that too made the question suspicious.
"Shit, man he's cool....hasn't he been to class lately?"
"Yeah, just wondering, we dont' talk much lately"
Bobby didn't respond.
"How's the six pack doin?" Rick pulled up Bobby's shirt to reveal the muscled
stomach he was well known for.
Even in high school more then one of his buddies admired Bobby's rippled
stomach muscles, called a "six pack".
"Christ, I do situps all day long and can't get those" His hands slid across
his friends stomach.
Bobby's body trembled as he felt Rick's fingers. Of all his friends, Rick was
the only one he had clear memories of jacking off with. His mind would confuse
him as he jacked off alone, as images of Rick's naked body stole the images of
Sally away.
He jumped as Rick's hand moved down to his crotch.
"Hey what're you doing?"
"We used to jack off all the time, why so jumpy?"
Bobby clearly remembered Rick holding his teenage cock while he held Ricks and
both falling into an undefined sexual frenzy that left a sensual memory he
often used when alone.
Bobby didn't move away, nor did he push Ricks hand away.
"It's ok" Rick said as he massaged his buddies crotch feeling the erection
begin to happen.
"Don't" Bobby said but he didn't stop Rick.
"It's ok" Rick said as he felt under Bobby's shorts and found the familiar
hard dick.
"Nice as always"
Bobby closed his eyes expecting Rick to jack him as they had done many time in
years past.
"I funny preteen models know it's not your birthday...." Rick said
Bobby had gotten one hell of a hand job from Rick on three birthdays in a row
in high school. And he reciprocated for at least two of Rick's.
"One of these days, we have to find something else to do on your birthday"
Mark had said. His words had frightened Bobby because by that time, Mark had
admitted his sexuality and Bobby feared he too would become gay.
"My gawd" Bobby sucked in air as Mark sucked in his cock.
It was happening...as he had fantasized about and never admitted to anyone,
not even Mark.
Rick was kneeling and sucking Bobby's cock.
Somehow both he and Rick had become naked and he was laying on the bed as
Rick's mouth was all over his balls and cock. His muscular thighs were tickled
and massaged too. His butt was fingered as his erection poured streams of
precum from it's bulbous cockhead.
"We shouldn't" Bobby gasped but Rick ignored him.
He looked up at Rick..and his gut churned. Until then he had kept his eyes
closed so he wouldn't have to admit what was happening.
But he opened his eyes and experienced some kind of phenomenon as his
fantasies were becoming reality.
"I'm gonna...." he warned but before his words ended his body exploded streams
of his jism poem for preteens into the air, on Ricks face and into his lips.
They lay there for awhile. Rick's naked body was halfway on top of his.
Bobby's hands were stroking his friends' hair. It was Rick who broke the mood.
"You think after you marry Sally, that we can get together now and then
Bobby pushed him off.
"Get off me."
"Not even on your birthday, or mine?" Rick kidded him and the two naked young
men wrestled until Bobby found himself sitting butt naked on top of Rick.
"About time you two did it" Mark's voice made Bobby jump.
"Get out" Bobby yelled and immediately knew he yelled at Mark the same way
Mark had yelled at preteen nudeist pic
him that eventful afternoon years ago.
Mark left the room.
"What was that all about?" Rick asked his naked friend who was still holding
his arms out against the bed.
"This" Bobby said as he bent forward and kissed Rick on the lips.The wedding was preteen site bbs
full of their highschool buddies, college chums and relatives.
Like most small towns, their wedding was a civic event.
Crying parents, running kids, stoned and drunken young adults, stories of an
orgy bachelor party and loud music that scared the older people into another
room were among the memories.
But among the many were Ricks words to Bobby after he kissed Sally good luck.
"See you on your birthday" and then he kissed Bobby too.
Everyone laughed at the good natured joking around.
Before Bobby left with Sally on their honeymoon he grabbed Mark and whispered,
"I'm gonna kill you"
"Naw, you love it....all straight men love a good blowjob" he said reassuring
and yet kidding his brother.
The nights would be quieter now. No words would fly across the room as brother
sought the advice of brother.
Mark lay alone, missing Bobby and going to sleep with the image of his naked
brother and Rick in bed together. His own dick hardened at the memory..but he
decided to deal with that in the morning..when the banned preteen art darkness had gone.
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